Monday, 8 December 2014

Why St Albans? Is it really that up and coming?

So... Here I am, aged 30 and after 5 years thinking about starting a food blog, only to be daunted by the ridiculous and ever expanding waist line of the culinary writers world, actually doing it for real. The real reason in fact, that I am starting this now and not 5 years ago when I realised how much I adored food, is life is now peaking into the next chapter, offering a fresh start; I am there, ready for a new experience, mouth wide open as it serves up an Amuse-bouche that I am rather excited about.

I have recently moved to St Albans, just off London Road in fact, on the 17th November 2014. Me and my partner of 11 years, Christopher were debating a number of places to move to after living in and around Welwyn Garden City for 10 years. After months of deliberating and not wanting to move too far from WGC we chose St Albans.

What, I must shout to the heavens, an AMAZING decision we made.

Christopher and I are both huge food and drink lovers and, along with my best friend Ashley (who once wrote a food blog on the London food scene), used to eat out and sample some of London's stellar restaurants. We delighted in talking for hours about them. It actually became exhausting and eye poppingly expensive, to the point where the novelty wore off and we lost the passion for exploration; but we never fell out of love with food, just with the fact we could never keep up.

Since being in St Albans, and even a few weeks before the move, to our surprise we have delighted in nearly every place we have tried, never imagining what the current food scene would be offering up on the tastiest of platters. When doing my research on numerous restaurants in the area (as I increasingly became more excitable) there was very little written about them. This is where I feel I come in, and am genuinely excited about being a part of helping others to choose their night out hot spots.

In the last month I have tried hidden gems, been greeted by wonderful staff and had a whole host of experiences. All that said, there have been some 'not so great' places, and some places that simply don't have the current 'in trend' vibe that a younger or more discerning crowd would like.

I have no idea where this journey will take me, or if the current increase in exciting and trendy eateries in the area will be sustained, but I CAN start at the beginning according to my own experiences. Happy reading and Bon Appetite!

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